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Colette reversed 7 months of chronic diarrhea, painful Neuropathy, and Diabetes within 2 weeks. Her doctor took her off diabetes medication, allowing her to travel again PAIN FREE, without having to worry about where to find a bathroom.


Jae reversed her Hashimoto’s, belly bloat, and rebalanced her hormones in just 6 weeks. In her words, “she’s lifting more at the gym and overall feels way healthier.” She has way more energy, her belly is way flatter, and her skin is better.


Paloma came to me struggling with fatigue, bloating, and acne. After a couple of weeks, she experienced remarkable improvements. Her energy levels soared, the bloating disappeared, and her skin cleared up. Paloma shared, “I get a lot of compliments that I’m glowing.” It’s been incredible to witness her transformation.


When I first met Barbara, she hadn’t pooped in 4 weeks, was bloated, had joint pain so badly she thought she needed a hip replacement, was suffering from extreme fatigue, poor sleep and had headaches for years. After 6 weeks, she was sleeping better, tummy got flatter, was pooping 2-3 times a day and her headaches stopped completely!

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