Don't Go Vegan?!

How Progress, Not Perfection Can Change Your Life

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Want to get off your medication and heal your chronic lifestyle disease?

This book is for you! Full of recipes, resources and TONS of research based information.

Order your copy and change your LIFE!

Are you sick of conflicting evidence about what diet is best? Ketogenic, Paleo, Vegetarian: these diets have all had their successes and time in the mainstream media. But what is TRULY best for our health? Is there a biological normal that is ideal for our species? Is there an answer for chronic lifestyle diseases like cancer, diabetes and strokes?

What if there were five simple steps you could follow that don’t leave you starved and allow you to still eat all your favorite foods? Don’t Go Vegan?! dispels myths and relies on science and facts to give you the REAL answers about health, longevity and how to attain it easily.

I invite you to try these five simple steps for 21 days and evaluate how you feel.